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How to Use this Resource Center

This site is devoted to helping local health departments (LHDs) implement the National Prevention Strategy (NPS), a resource for advancing the nation's efforts to prevent disease and help Americans live more healthful and productive lives. The NPS promotes a shift from a health care system focused on sickness and disease to prevention and wellness. NACCHO and its membership encourage LHDs to use multi-sector, integrated approaches such as the NPS as an effective strategy for protecting the health and well-being of its communities. Click the steps above to learn how you can use the NPS as a roadmap to chronic disease prevention in your jurisdiction.

What is the National Prevention Strategy (NPS)?

The NPS America's Plan for Better Health and Wellness, envisions a prevention-oriented society where all sectors recognize the value of health for all individuals and families. The NPS identifies four Strategic Directions and seven targeted Priorities that provide a strong foundation for national prevention efforts. The Strategic Directions and Priorities provide evidence-based recommendations that are most likely to reduce the burden of the leading causes of preventable death and major illness.

How the NPS Helps LHDs

Prevention can reduce the economic burden of disease and improve the length and quality of people's lives. LHDs can follow NPS evidence-based recommendations to identify and implement cost-effective strategies for improving health outcomes in their jurisdictions.

The Resource Center

This site is part of a suite of resources that belong to NACCHO's Resource Center for Evidence-Based Prevention and Cross Sector Approaches.

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